Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Biography of Zahir Raihan

Name: Zahir Raihan

Birth: 5 august, 1933

Birth Place: Mojnupur, Feni

Education: B. A. (honors) Bengali, Dhaka University 1958. Was associated with progressive politics during 1951-1957.

His Life: Actively participated in the Language Movement in 1952. Was imprisoned. After release , went to Calcutta to learn photography at Pramathesh Barua Memorial Photography School, Calcutta. Entered the film world in 1956. “Kakhona Aseni” was the first film directed by him in 1961. Then he directed the film “Kajal”, Kancher Deyal, Behula, Jiban Theke Neya, Anwara, Sangam, Bahana etc. was working on an English picture “Let There Be Light”. But liberation war started and he went to Calcutta. Produced the renowned documentary “Stop Genocide”. His contribution to the film industry during 1962-1971 was great. Was pioneer in producing English film, coloured film and cinemascope film. His “Kancher Deal” received a number of film awards.

His Books: Surja Grahan, Shesh Bikeler Meye, Hajar Bachar Dhore, Arek Falgun, Baraf Gala Nadi, Ar Kata Din

Awards: Received “Adamjee Literature Prize” for his novel “Hajar Bachar Dhore” in 1964. Received “Bangla Academy Award” for novel in 1972 (posthumous)

Death: he was missing, probably killed by the collaborators of the Occupation army after liberation of Bangladesh, when he was searching for his elder brother Shahidullah kaisar, an eminent writer, who was also probably killed by AL-badar, the reactionary and fanatic group.

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